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Fiberglass reinforced plastic panel(FRP)

Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) is compounded of fiberglass reinforced thermosetting plastic. The strength of FRP sheet is multiple times as strong as ordinary plastic panels and greater than that of steel and aluminum products. FRP sheet has been an important kind of engineering wall-facing material at present. It solves the problems of traditional wall-face materials, such as difficult to clear the dirty, easy to deform the shape, difficult to be installed, poor durability, easy to be worn and poor impact performance. Its characteristics, such as good performance to high temperature, anti-ageing, anti-corrosion, anti-violet ray, high strength, light weight, anti-distortion, anti-wearing and good out-looking, makes it being applied in the transportation and construction industries. It is used widely more and more to be instead of stainless steel, aluminum, color steel, ceramic tile and paint.

¡¤Weather resistance: FRP is a kind of thermosetting high polymer with good thermal stability. Its usable temperature is between -70 oC to 80oC.
¡¤Shock resistance: FRP sheet contains interlaced glass fiber, which increases the shock resistance greatly and avoids fracture under collision of stones and hails.
¡¤Corrosion resistance: FRP sheet can resist corrosion caused by acid, alkali and other chemical, so that it is very suitable to be used in places near the sea or with corrosion.
¡¤Fire retardant performance: The fire retardant index of FRP sheet conforms to the national standard B2 level.

Typical Applications¡ª
¡¤Face panel and transparent/translucent roof used in Dry cargo carriage and container.
(To be wearing resistant, anti-scratch, it can make the vehicle better looking, higher ageing resistant and longer working life.)
¡¤Internal wall panel & suspended ceiling panel used in carriage and refrigerated container.
(Easy clearance, smooth surface, convenient loading and unloading of goods, good wearing resistant and strong collision resistant.)
¡¤Internal and external walls of building.
(to be anti-mildew, chemical corrosion proof, moisture protection, it is mainly used in places which need continuous cleaning such as hospital, laboratory, supermarket, laundry, refrigerated warehouse, restaurant, kitchen and farm.)
¡¤Advertising identification panels.
(Quick installation, corrosion proof, unfading, flat surface and light in weight.)

Application example ---- FRP Walls & Ceilings
Widely used in refrigerated warehouses, food processing plants, restaurant kitchens, common dining halls, snack bars, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, laboratories, hospital, schools, bathrooms and so on.