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FRPand polyurethane sandwich panel

(1) This sandwich panel is formed by a hard polyurethane foam panel between two layers of FRP sheets and combined with Germany vacuum technology under high pressure. The surface is bright and clear as well as easy to clear its dirt. It has a good capacity to keep the color of surface to be bright and fresh. The outside surface has a layer of high quality gel coat, which gives the product a good chemical stability to atmosphere, water and ordinary acid, alkaline and salt. Its characteristics give the products many advantages, such as smooth surface, keeping bright and fresh color in long time, anti- corrosion and sunshine as well as anti-ageing.
(2) The Maximum size of the panel is 13.8 x 3.6 meters. The products can be ordered to customers¡¯ requirement.
(3) Thermal insulation: 80mm thick panel for example Heat conductive coefficient FRP PU Total W/M².K 0.23 0.018-0.028 lower than 0.3
(4) Typical Applications: insulation/dry goods carriage, long-span structure roof and wall, thermal insulation (or fire protection,) factory buildings, dust-free factory buildings, high/middle class combined house and container house.