Snow Fall
Professional box
It is made with professional techniques and FRP compound panel. New type FRP was used as outer skin of roof, wall and door. The panel used for the van was constructed in type of sandwich. The middle layer of the sandwich is plywood or polystyrene foam. The sandwich panel is fixed to the steel frame with high strength adhesive and screws. The thermal insulation layer is 20-50mm thick, which offers a very good thermal insulation performance. The van body is tight and solid with a very high mechanical strength, smooth and nice appearance, anti-corrosion, shock-proof, standing wear and easy to be washed.
The van is built in a full close steel frame structure. All panels are adhered with high strength structural adhesive to achieve the most reliable conjunction, sealing and insulation properties. This structure is also easy and fast to be assembled.
The door panel is produced by a high accuracy process with imported sealing rubber to keep good airtight and thermal insulation. The inside and outside of the van are decorated with special aluminum alloy profiles or stainless steel edge, aluminum angle, FRP corner, and galvanized hinge. There are protection guardrails in both sides and end of the van. Various lights are installed as well. The whole body is beautiful, harmony, strong, liable and durable.
Van used for military purpose is flat design. It can be designed in foldable or extendable forms according to the requirements.
Fire retardant performance: It conforms to the national standard B2 level.
Applications: Stage car, monitor vehicle, broadcast vehicle, engineering vehicle and advertising vehicle.