Snow Fall
Hospital shelter

(1) It adopts flat design and welded steel frame. The strength conforms to the standard for military application.
(2)It is skinned inside and outside with whole piece FRP sheet. The skin is seamless, corrosion resistant, anti-salt fog, anti-mold, impact resistant and in accordance with standard GJB870-90. The panel has a smooth and nice outlook. The middle layer of the sandwich is polyurethane foam with high thermal insulation property to achieve the effects of thermal and sound insulation.
Typical applications:
(1) The field operation medical service shelter is regarded as the one of best pattern of field hospital. It has been used in the real training and exercise many times. It is a big step to pass the traditional way of ¡°medical kit plus tent¡±. It is found that the containerized shelter is better than train hospital used in the foreign army during the exercise, but it is not applicable to be hoisted in the field. The new shelter is loaded by forklift truck and equipped with anti-pitfall device. The speed of expansion is enhanced one time and manpower is saved 1/3. It is suitable to be used in shore and marsh area. The shelter can be used individually or assembled. Modern medical equipments work well inside the shelter.
(2) It is found that the water bag in the shelter is easy to broken during the field operation. The liquid support is improved now. It is appraised that the improved shelter is more scientific, practical, and suitable to be used in the real operation. It reaches the level of modern graded hospital under the field operation conditions.