Snow Fall
Meteorological obser shelter
(1) It adopts flat design and welded steel frame. The strength conforms to the standard for military application.
(2)It is skinned inside and outside with whole piece 3-5mm thick FRP sheet. The skin is seamless, corrosion resistant, anti-salt fog, anti-mold, impact resistant and in accordance with standard GJB870-90. The panel has a smooth and nice outlook. The middle layer of the sandwich is polyurethane foam with high thermal insulation property to achieve the effects of thermal and sound insulation.
(3) The frame is painted with anti-rust paint and surface finishing paint which are special paints used for container painting (color is according to customer¡¯s requirement). A special anti-burglar trident lock is installed. The windows, compartments and attachments can be added according to customer¡¯s requirements.
(4) The shelter is produced according to the standard specifications. So it is easy to be transported by highway, railway or helicopter.
(5) The shelter base is an integrated base system including shelter body, base station, transmission, power supplies and air conditioner. It does not need to build the building for the base. It can work in different weather conditions and suitable to be used in remote area, mountain area, desert, areas along the traffic ways (highway, railway, sea and river) and scenery spots as well. The construction cost can be saved and shorten the construction period as well as to recover the investment