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Proper utilization is the guarantee of efficient chilled preservation.
Please doní»t forget to carry out precooling
The required temperature for the freight in the truck box should be reached before loading in order to keep the freight fresh. Otherwise, freshness will be influenced.
Please act rapidly when loading  Precooling is essential for the freight.
Please carry the goods rapidly in order to prevent the temperature in the box from going up. The temperature in the box will go up if you open the door too long. Cooling capacity can be improved if you open a door, or use curtains.
Please consider cooling air circulation
Space must be left between the roof and the side of the box when loading in order that cooling air can be smoothly circulated. Please doní»t pile up freight above the air-con hole.
Maintaining clean is the key point
Please maintain the box clean, in order to give the refrigerating output into full play. Waste and dust will not only lower refrigerating output, but also do great damage to truck refrigeration unit.
Suggestion: Regular Maintenance
Refrigeration unit maintenance shops will render services for you.
It is suggested that regular maintenance is essential in order to ensure the refrigeration unití»s optimum operating condition when driving.
The first inspection is free of charge, when you purchase the vehicle.
You should pay for the annual inspection.
Please consult the nearest truck refrigeration unit maintainance shop for further detail.